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Getting a mortgage is one of the biggest commitments that you will make. Ensure you’re making the right decision before committing to a home finance.
At Mortgage Hub Commercial Broker LLC, we help you find the right mortgage that best fits your needs. Most importantly, we will help you save time and money through a fully personalized service.

Buyout / Buyout with equity

Many homeowners suffer from mortgages with higher rates of interest/profit compared to the current market rates. We will make sure to find you a better alternative rate with as smooth a transfer process as possible. Save thousands and sometimes millions over the full loan tenure by securing the right re-financing/buyout along with some additional equity for your investment.


Equity Release/Refinance

Releasing equity from your property is now easier than ever. You can unlock equity from your property today whether it is to repay your expenses, improve your business, and fund your children’s educational expenses or any other reason.

Non-Resident Mortgages

Don’t live in the UAE and want to invest in Dubai/UAE, get in touch to find out how we can help you with a mortgage.

Apply for home loan from your home country for a property in Dubai/UAE. No income is required in UAE.

Green ecological house in empty field concept for construction and real estate

Plot & Land Loans

Loans for plots and all types of land across UAE.

Commercial Mortgage

Get a commercial space for office use or shop at very low rate of interest/profit; please call us for free advice. Loans to Individuals / Companies for Offices, Shops, Warehouses, Industrial Sheds & Commercial Plots.

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